Write Your Book

Write Your Book

It never fails. On every author's book tour, every interviewer, every moderator, every talk show host always asks the identical question, especially when the area goes silent and so they must rescue an interview -- "Why have you write your book?" It is a failsafe technique to get mcdougal chatting again. Hopefully, following your author spends the following three minutes answering this question, other people will ultimately be inspired or emboldened to question yet another question to keep the momentum going. I know most authors possess a compelling answer for why they invested a lot of their time in putting words over a page.

However, in my case, I needed no choice, no choice at all. It just was from my hands.

For that nearly six long years which i researched and wrote Walking Through Walls -- a memoir about my pops who 1 day discovers he can talk to the dead and heal the sick -- I was under the happy illusion i was willingly covering one of many strangest father/son/family stories ever told.

Certainly, my family story was nearer to the Addams Family than Ozzie and Harriet or Allow Beaver. His phenomenal psychic powers descended upon our family as an unseen tornado, shredding all notions of normalcy. Overnight, our home became like Lourdes as people lined up awaiting their miracle cure. Babies who couldn't see, men with one leg shorter than the other, women with leukemia all found their method to our door and usually left completely healed.

My pops carefully documented his work and collected thousands of testimonial letters from his "patients"who have been successfully treated by him. He never charged any cash for his services while he believed his was obviously a special gift and may be shared. Over the years, he accumulated hundreds of thousands of pages of spirit dictation -- messages from invisible beings, some of whom he'd known when they were alive, that instructed him on creating never-before-seen healing methods, lessons on consciousness, explanations of the multitude of energetic realms etc.

I thought the reason I had been writing it ended up being to tell people about my amazing mother and father and what extraordinary lives that they had led. I cannot imagine being more fortunate of been blessed by using these great souls because the people who brought me into this unique world.

My mother would be a brilliant, stylish adventurer with endless curiosity along with a massive a feeling of creativity. In my father's case, he was trying to reinvent and expand the boundaries medicine and human healing while constantly being harassed from the authorities for "practicing medicine without a license"or for "importing unauthorized medications"such as homeopathy and even some vitamins. We forget that America was obviously a different place 40 years ago and my pops was viewed as doing the devil's work.

Things i would never know could be that the writing of the book had been recently preordained and predicted written nearly Forty years ago. Several months before I finally handed within the manuscript I came across yet another folder of papers which i had somehow overlooked during my research. They contained one more thick stack of spirit dictation on a number of topics. Within the past a long period, I had been looking at these hundreds of thousands of written spirit messages as material for that book.

While i read this folder, I found an email to my father in one of his spirit guides that suggested which he start getting his papers organized because his son (me) would definitely eventually write a book on his work. Additionally, what it's all about continued, I'd over see getting the book published. Oddly, in all the years I labored on this book, I needed not witnessed this kind of message. I suddenly pointed out that the spirits and my pops knew this book would materialize and I will be the one working. However, no-one bothered to inform me. The fact is that if I saw this message earlier amongst people, I could happen to be a bit more casual about writing the book, figuring because it was intended as this would end up done by itself. The spirits don't fool around a certainly know what they do.

As though I did not understand, a few days later I came across an unmarked audiotape inside a white plastic cassette. On top of his manuscripts, my father taped his phone calls, his classes, his healings and forgotten a banking center of audio tapes that also contributed a lot of the fabric for that book. I made a decision to hear the cassette when i drove for the airport. What I heard was obviously a woman with a British accent performing a psychic reading for my pops. Midway from the tape she asked if he'd a son. He acknowledged he did. She declared there was clearly going to be a magazine published by me about my father's work, and the book could be "kind of like a documentary." I do not think the memoir genre was quite typical back in the early seventies and in fact my book is really a documentary only it is in some recoverable format rather than film.

Funny generate an income never discovered these messages until the end of the book. Not surprising, considering that in everyday life, we usually find our answers and meaning as we have completed a process or task.

Write Your Book

Now, the next time I'm asked the question concerning "why I wrote my book" the solution is going to be due to the fact, "I needed to... to honor my mom and dad."

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